Katy has presented The Story of Bob to over 500,000 young people in more than 500 schools all over the world. Her story has also been shared in universities, prisons, health care centres and indigenous on-the-land camps. She has keynoted conferences in Canada, USA, Mexico, UK, Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia.



KATY WTIH Ryan Aldridge

KATY WTIH Ryan Aldridge

  • Katy's story is a part of The Forgiveness Project, a British organization that collects and shares real stories of forgiveness to build understanding, encourage reflection and enable people to reconcile with the pain and move forward from the trauma in their own lives.
  • Oprah introduces Forgiveness In Action and Katy's story is featured.
  • Katy's powerful story inspired Lifetime Network's 2010 movie "Bond of Silence".

"It was a powerful experience to see Katy interact with the actors and crew involved in the portrayal of her life. Through my many interactions and conversations with her, I was immensely moved by her strength and ability to forgive and build a relationship with someone who took everything from her. Katy is truly a hero in my eyes and a great asset to the restorative justice world."
- Peter Werner, Academy award winner & director of Bond of Silence

  • Her 2013 TEDx talk has been viewed over 100,000 times and she was proud to be included in the Simon Fraser University Alumni Appreciation Project in 2015.
  • Listen to interview with Molly Rowan Leach.
  • Listen to interview with Jan Spragge.
  • Redbook December 2008 -  The Healing Power of Forgiveness.
  • Katy and her book WALKING AFTER MIDNIGHT have been featured in issues of Chatelaine, Canadian Living, BC Business, Glow, Homemaker's, Reader's Digest, Vancouver Magazine and the Costco Connection. Katy was named as one of MORE magazine's 40 women over 40 you should meet.
  • Katy has appeared as a guest on numerous local and national television and radio programs including Montel, Canada AM, CBC's Sounds Like Canada, the Bill Good Show, the Rafe Mair Show, and KALW Public Radio in San Francisco.
  • Katy’s work has been editorialized in The Globe and Mail, National Post, Toronto Star, Ottawa Citizen, Winnipeg Free Press, Vancouver Sun, Province, BC Business, Victoria Times Colonist, The Courier, North Shore News, Squamish Chief, Whistler Question and many other community newspapers.


Three years ago, I viewed Katy Hutchison’s TEDx Vancouver talk on Restorative Practices. 

Katy's message resonated so deeply within me that it reframed the focus of my work, transformed the way I show up in the classroom, and shaped the way I choose to interact with my own children. 

Nelson Mandela once said, “As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”  Katy, thank you for letting your light shine. …

Samantha Harris - Hopkinton Middle School, Hopkinton, MA

"Katy, Thank YOU for your invaluable presentation "The Story of Bob" to the students and staff at Keith Lynn Alternative Secondary School in North Vancouver. What an impact you made on us.

Your forgiving nature, your genuineness, your frankness, your personal story makes you unforgettable.

Today students are still discussing the power of your presentation.  Some of them are rethinking the meaning of "ratting out", realizing that calling for help when things are going wrong is the right thing to do and it's not "ratting".  Your story awoke a consciousness in all of us... not to remain silent when we see violence. Your voice, Katy, is enabling our youth to reflect on choices they've made. Hopefully, it will encourage them to take positive action in the future. At the very least, they are more aware of how quickly a situation can go wrong, and the tragic rippling effect on others from one action or inaction. Thank you for sharing your gift of forgiveness with us. You have made a very positive impact on all of us at Keith Lynn.

Rae Shidlo, Counsellor at the Keith Lynn Alternative School

“To put it simply..... I loved this presentation. It was one of the best I have seen. It was beneficial for both teens and adults.

I thought she had an incredibly powerful message. However, I thought what was so great was her additional audio visual presentation. The presentation did a great job conveying Bob's passion and personality but it also very clearly defined specific points that Katy wanted the audience to take away. For example her clear definition of synergy, the impact technology has on our culture, and as well the guidelines for a safer party. I also thought that many multi-media options kept the audience engaged and the final film clip with Ryan had a tremendous impact at the end of the presentation.

Overall I am honest in saying it was one of the most valuable presentations I have ever attended.”

Jackie Dickinson - Outreach and Drug Prevention Worker, 
Whistler Community Services Society 

"Katy's presentation was outstanding. We hear about car crashes and unsupervised parties on the nightly news. Katy brings the news into the classroom through her personal story. Katy's presentation hooked students immediately.

She brought Bob to life as he was. Through slides and video Katy illustrates the wonderful moments families share. In a calm, poised and gentle manner she addressed social, emotional and factual information without prejudice or bias.

The Story of Bob engaged the students and teachers from her first words. As she brought the exceptional life of her husband into our hearts and minds we all sat in admiration of her courage and strength. The images of Bob as a father, friend, husband and athlete are ones we will never forget. With poise and grace Katy told her story and helped us understand the power of the night her husband was murdered. The students were touched and moved as they came to understand how this event changed the lives of this family, and of an entire community.  

Personal responsibility, the challenge to stand up and make a difference, and the power of choice all became questions and the topic of conversations at our school."

The Career and Personal Planning (CAPP) coordinators - Oak Bay High School, Victoria, BC:

"Katy Hutchison shared her story with us at our 2nd Annual Light Up a Life luncheon.

She has a wonderful ability to take her audience on a walk with her through her journey from tragedy to restorative justice advocate.

Katy is warm and honest as she shares her positive attitude towards life. She models personal courage and her vision of a world where troubled youth can hope for a better future. Her story touched our hearts and her example gave us hope. "

Shirley Handley - Chair, Saskatoon Catholic Services Foundation Board: 

"The presentation you delivered was extremely powerful and moving. Your depth of forgiveness and power to see a better future for your self, your children, your family and your community is truly awesome and inspiring. As you know, you really affected our community here. We had three residents asking how they could be apart of a Restorative Justice process with their victims. I am pleased to inform you that the Probation Officers in attendance, as well as the staff here at the Centre are doing everything in our power to assist these young offenders to grow and learn from your shared experience, and make amends with their victims. Your influence is having the ripple effect we spoke of, and for that we are extremely grateful for the time you spent with us."

Mrs. Julie Czerwinski - Correctional Officer & Life Skills Instructor:

"Our Grade 6 & 7 students had the good fortune to hear "The Story of Bob". In a compassionate yet effective way, Katy Hutchison spoke of a situation many young people will find themselves in - being in an unsupervised gathering when making a poor decision can have serious implications.

In an era where we are always reacting to crises, this prevention-based talk is timely, powerful and inspiring."

Nanci Farrell, Principal, Lord Kitchener Elementary School - Vancouver, BC:

"Thank you for taking the time for sharing with us your stories and unforgettable memories. I really could find no words to describe the way I felt listening to you tell us of your past. There has always been tension between my parents and myself as I always felt they were too overprotective. We often fought about going to parties and about the high expectations they place on me. As the eldest of four children in my family, my parents continually stress the importance of responsibility and being a good role model.

I was so deeply touched by your presentation that I now understand my parents and they now know that I will be more open-minded. Out of the many times that we have fought, I hardly remember ever saying sorry and asking for their forgiveness. They never did anything to deserve the silent treatments or the rude behaviours. I will always remember that anger will cause destruction and that only forgiveness can start the healing process. This will always remain close and dear to my heart.

To me you weren't just a guest speaker. You have become an inspiring role model for me. I admire your courage and strength to educate our society by bringing Bob's spirit and dreams back to life. Your moving presentation will never be forgotten."

Letter received from a Grade 11 student

"The Story of Bob was terribly distressing and chalk-full of important messages like synergy, the importance of staying both clean and sober, the crucial need for adult chaperones, the legalities of house parties and responsibilities of the host. I, for one, know that I will carry everything presented in Katy's speech with me for the rest of my life."

"I like most others am guilty of often doing things without thinking, but this incident was a real eye-opener  for me, in terms of what reckless actions can result in. It also made me realize exactly how important it is to take responsibility for your actions."

"That is the most interesting and touching presentation that I have ever attended. Every part of it was meaningful."

"It amazes me how anyone could have such courage and perseverance in life after having been through such devastating trauma!  You, and The Story of Bob,  truly inspires me and thousands of others in the values of life and how precious it is. The influence of your presentation reaches beyond only sending out the messages of safety and respect for that it touches one's spirituality."

Feedback received from Grade 10, 11 & 12 students

"Katy demonstrates ease and talent in her facilitation of groups large and small. As a result of my personal experiences with Katy I would recommend her workshop to any group of first responders. The skills I learned will in no doubt be appreciated by my colleagues, citizens in the community and my family."

Dino Falcone - Sergeant, Nelson Police Department