The Real Deal

Thirteen years ago I perched on the edge of a desk in a classroom and addressed a small group of Grade 11 students. My fear of public speaking diminished only slightly by the fact that I was sharing the Story of Bob and that it was coming straight from my heart.  Over five hundred schools, countless conference keynotes and thousands of air miles later I am still telling our story.

I came to think of it as an accidental career. Along the way I have written a book of my own, contributed chapters to several others, been interviewed for countless theses on topics including victimology, forgiveness and restorative justice. Accepting my insistence on "living out loud", my family has endured the public spotlight of endless media attention, documentary film crews and a made-for-television movie filmed in our hometown.

The road I found myself travelling with this work has often been solitary. Just as I began to feel the weight of the loneliness I was introduced to Shannon Moroney. A fellow family victim of violent crime, we connected over our shared desire to help others explore The F Word. Forgiveness.

This year Shannon and I launched Full Circle Facilitation & Consulting. We are committed to help restore health and vibrancy to hurt people and communities.  Moved by the recommendations of the Truth & Reconciliation Commission, we are about to take our fourth trip of 2016 to the Beaufort Delta region of Canada's high Arctic to work with the Inuvialuit living with the generational aftermath of residential school. 

During some precious downtime in the Spring I read Danielle Laporte's book, the Desire Map. It truly rocked my world. I felt as though I finally had some answers about why certain decisions in my life were so easy to make, and why others greatly challenged me. Shifting from thinking about what I wanted to do this minute, next week or ten years down the road,  I learned it was actually more powerful to figure out how I wanted to feel. The process of identifying my core desired feelings resonated so deeply that I have become a licensed Desire Map facilitator. I am already finding exciting collaborative opportunities to pair this work with yoga to create restorative retreat experiences. Stay tuned for more on that front!

Aristotle said, “Where your talents and the needs of the world cross; there lies your vocation.” My accidental career is starting to feel very much that way. In the spirit of accepting this work is the real deal I am proud to unveil my beautiful new website designed by the uber talented Laura Prpich from Caribou Creative. I am thrilled with what she has created. I hope you like it too!